Polish Film Chronicle 68/28B

The 12th plenary session of the Central Committee of the PZPR adopted a plan of preparations for the Congress of the PZPR; Boleslaw Jaszczuk and Mieczyslaw Moczar are the new deputies of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party. Large constructions in socialist countries: a plant in Chelyabinsk (the Soviet Union) that produces pipes used in creating pipelines, the Yugoslav power plant in the Danube and the cement plant near Halle (East Germany). Many people want to study at the university – in some departments there are 10 times more people than places for them. Antoni Cierplikowski, a master hairdresser, and his designs of hairstyles and theatrical wigs shown at an exhibition at the Grand Theater. A team of mandolin players led by Edward Ciuksza is in trouble. Still, the group is one of the showpieces of Lodz. The Netherlands and a centuries old tradition: a competition of heralds who announce the elections. Japan: the world's largest kite finally flies! It weighs 800 kilograms and it is 15 meter long. Interesting competitions such as walking on stilts - during the Society for Promoting Physical Culture and the Association of Socialist Youth campaign ‘Doing sports is good for you!’