Polish Film Chronicle 68/27B

The treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons has been signed by authorities from 36 countries. The German Federal Republic has not signed the treaty. The Soviet Union: the irrigation network of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan is under development. Turkmenistan is the ‘kingdom’ of cotton fields. Jozef Witkowski, a former prisoner of the Lodz camp, collects documents about ‘the years of horror’. He wants war crimes to be remembered. A trial of Pawelczyk, a spy. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison. One of the attractions of Cracow - the Sigismund Bell. 9 professionals are needed to ring that bell. This monument from the 16th century is still being preserved. A kindergarten in Bukowina Tatrzanska takes care of passing on tradition; Maria Kulas teaches children regional dances. Rowers from the Academic Sports Association compete on Zegrze Reservoir; Teodor Kocerka, an Olympic medalist, sets an example for others. The National Festival of Polish Song in Opole and the laureates: Czerwone Gitary (‘Takie ladne oczy’), Kazimierz Grzeskowiak (‘Chlop zywemu nie przepusci’). Piotr Janczerski and the ‘No to co’ band (Po ten kwiat czerwony).