Polish Film Chronicle 68/27A

One day before the elections in France - of the Odeon Theater is evacuated. USA: the march of the poor. Talks on ending the war in Vietnam have reached an impasse. The Organ Music Festival in Kamien Pomorski and Rudolf Rozek, a man who is the organizer of the event. 16 000 old car tires were burnt during an exercise for firefighters near Rembertow. Sheep mixing - according to the Beskid tradition. Czech sailors set off on a transatlantic voyage from Casablanca to Madrid on two yachts called ‘Albatross’ and ‘Horizon’. It is raining during the track and field event commemorating J. Kusocinski; Henryk Szordykowski won the main race, Irena Kirszenstein- Szewinska (her time was 11.0 seconds) won the 100 meters, Jozef Szmidt won the triple jump event.