Polish Film Chronicle 68/26A

The mine in Lubin has been launched - 1.5 million tons of copper have already been mined. It is going to be delivered to the steelworks in Glogow. In the neighbourhood of the steelworks, there is a developing city. Major Jozef Sobiesiak, a partisan of the ‘Grunwald’ brigade that fought in the Kielce region, takes part in the unveiling of the monument in Skororzeszyce. Interesting facts: historic Viennese trams and Prague before the war. Czech demolition workers demolish the chimneys of an old factory. Carpet weaving, woodcarving, furniture and souvenir making – you can learn all of these at the Cieplice School of Artistic Crafts. Leszno: The World Gliding Championships: Poles did not win any medals. A race of greyhounds in Jelenia Gora. It is a part of an exhibition of purebred dogs. Football: Poland - Brazil 3:6 (fragments of the match).