Polish Film Chronicle 68/25A

Prime Minister Jozef Cyrankiewicz visits Denmark; he talks with Prime Minister Hilmar Baunsgaard; Cyrankiewicz visits the island of Lolland and the shipyard which is a workplace of descendants of Polish emigrants. Later, he visits the Museum of the Resistance Movement and meets with the Polish community abroad. The factory in Jelcz exports buses and it also produces fire trucks. The problem of the lack of tins will be partially solved by a new production line. Mr. Ciechowicz, a former soldier, runs an exemplary farm. The Soviet Union: new medical equipment and tools make it possible to ‘change’ some patients’ parts - artificial knee joints are already inserted. Warsaw: a trial of Kargul – he is accused of foreign exchange crimes. More than thousand people drown every year - water rescuers train how to save people’s lives. Barbara Bittnerowna and Jerzy Wesolowski star the ballet entitled ‘Coppelia’. It is staged at the Warsaw Operetta. Dutch pilots practice parachute jumps.