Polish Film Chronicle 68/24A

USA: shocking information - Senator Robert Kennedy shot dead in Los Angeles; President Johnson calls to end a series of political murders; a senator's funeral. France: the end of strikes - Prime Minister Pompidou remains in power; rallies of support for President de Gaulle and the announcement of new elections. Melina Mercouri, a Greek actress, tours Europe. She gives concerts during which she underlines that she is against the rule of the colonels in Greece. Wroclaw: a monument to Pope John XIII is unveiled on St. Martin square. The Days of Cracow and a lot of events, including meeting with the Fowler Brotherhood at Wawel, opening of a new ‘Ratuszowa’ cafe in the basement of a renovated tower. The 2nd International Graphic Biennial. Kazimierz Karabasz and Stanislaw Niedbalski win the Grand Prix of the Short Film Festival in Cracow for the documentary entitled ‘Rok Franka W.’. A pyrotechnics show on the occasion of a regatta on the Zegrze Reservoir. The ‘Leda’ clothing factory offers new school aprons.