Polish Film Chronicle 68/23A

The celebration of the People's Day - unveiling of the Monument to the Peasant in front of the United People’s Party building at Grzybowska street in Warsaw; an exhibition of garden and agricultural equipment takes place during the event in Kosc near Goclawek. Adolf von Tadden, the leader of the NPD, speaks at the meetings of counties in the German Federal Republic. Springer media company supports the right wing, and students protest against the state of emergency and the resurgence of fascism. Captain Tadeusz Martyn collects evidence of Nazi crimes - thanks to him, the prosecutor's office obtains the necessary materials. The Wrozamet company in Nowa Sol produces machines for export… Tragic accidents: a block of flats collapsed in London and a department store burnt in Sydney. A new motorway junction in Madrid will reduce the number of traffic jams. Lidia Korbel from Silesia is one of the first football referees. The Dutch beat band called ‘The Shoes’ plays its songs.