Polish Film Chronicle 68/13A

Tension in Jordan A congress of the SPD party in Nuremberg; the party is accused of betraying socialist ideals. South Africa: doctor Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant in the world. The patient left the hospital. The smelter named after Lenin is constantly developing – new teams are launched. There is a new chairlift in the Ziemowit mine – it is going to help miners to get to their workplaces. Professor Tadeusz Kotarbinski, a philosopher and a promoter of ‘good work’. He and his wife are going to the Staszic Palace. Regina Smendzianka, a pianist, and a ballet group inaugurate the Chamber Stage at the Grand Theater in Warsaw. An interesting fact from France - an exhibition of inflatable items. A winter equestrian competition in Zakopane and the Moscow motorcycle competition – the competitors ride their motorcycles on ice.